Frequently Asked Questions

How do I hydrate The Cool Pad?

Simply scrunch the Cool Pad under the tap. Push the gel along the Cool Pad as it begins to soften. Be very careful not to over inflate the Cool Pad as it can become too top heavy and make the Cool Hat not sit properly, or it could even split as the crystals keep expanding. Should this occur, leave the Cool Pad in the sun for a few days and it will deflate and then stitch it up and start again.

Will Neck Tie Coolers and Cool Pads swell up if I just put them in the fridge?

No. You MUST place them in water in order to activate the crystals.

What if I leave the coolers in the water too long?

You must be careful about the length of time you place them in water. Since the crystals expand hundreds of times their size, if you leave them in water for too long they will continue to grow until they’re as hard as a sausage. The cooler will not sit comfortably around your neck then and some of the crystals may seep through the material giving you a slippery feel to the fabric. The crystals are non-toxic so this is not dangerous but you will need to hang the cooler in the sun to have it dehydrate to a comfortable fit. So it is best to keep an eye on it.

Do I put the coolers in the freezer to make them even colder?

You can but only for a short time before use. If it is frozen solid it will not go about your neck until it thaws out a bit and you will need to be careful you do not snap it, if you try to shape it frozen. The Cool Pad is flat and so it will freeze in a shape that will still go into the hat comfortably.

Frozen solid Neck Coolers, directly on your skin, are very cold and can cause ice burns. Placing them in the fridge is sufficient, or placing them in the freezer and then leaving them in a lunch esky, with ice bricks, to use later in the day is fine. A frozen Cool Pad does not sit directly onto your skin so is less likely to cause ice burn.

How do I keep the coolers and Cool Pads cool in an esky?

Neck Tie Cooler crystals expand in water so prolonged soaking will make your cooler very stiff which will make it difficult to tie around your neck. As the crystals keep expanding you may get a slippery feel on the fabric also. For this reason do not leave in esky where the cooler will “sit” in ice water. If this does occur, leave in the sun to dehydrate.

To cool in esky, place in open plastic bag with no holes and fit bag on ice with cooler ties hanging over outer edge (as in picture). When you wish to use, dunk quickly in ice water to wear.

Cool Pads will also keep expanding if they sit in ice water in an esky. They may become over inflated and become too top heavy in your hat. They may even split as the crystals keep expanding. You simply scrunch your Cool Pad under water to get it to about the width of a Jatz cracker.

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Are they safe for children?

Yes. In fact we make KidzKoolers specifically for children. The most important thing to take note of when using the coolers with children is that the crystals are meant to stay inside the Cool Tie. Please ensure children using the personal body coolers are aware they are not to bite them and make a hole, out of which the crystals will leak.

How do I care for Neck Tie Cooler and Cool Pads?

Hand wash gently in soapy water. Squeeze dry. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Keep away from sharp instruments. Allow the Neck Tie Cooler and Cool Pad to dry completely back to crystals prior to winter storage in the cupboard.

How do I use the Coolers for hot flushes or a hangover?

It’s best to have them cold from being in the fridge. Tie them loosely around your forehead or in a Washer Woman style around your head. This is very cooling ! Some ladies have been known to use the Cool Pads in their bras when they are experiencing hot flushes.

How do I use the coolers for swollen ankles?

It’s best to have them cold from being in the fridge. Tie them loosely around your ankles and elevate your feet.

Can I use the Neck Tie Coolers for fundraising?

Yes. Please email or call us with what quantities your group would like to buy and we will give you the wholesale bulk rate and discuss with you the variety of ways that others have successfully raised funds. It is important to realize that the products are a seasonal product and often people leave it till it is hot to speak to us. You need to communicate with us early about your requirements so as to ensure adequate supply for you at the time you require it.

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Can I have my Cool Hats or Neck Tie Coolers branded with my own brand?

This can be done for commercial quantities. It is best to contact us with your requirements.

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