How To Make Lots Of Money Easily and Beat the Heat!

Tired of fattening chocolates? Raffle tickets?

Looking for unique useful ways to make money for your:
Cricket, netball or softball team? Scout or Girl Guide troop? Little Athletics Club? School? Dragon Boat Racing Team? Favourite Charity?

Necktie Coolers and Cool Hats are an innovative simple way to raise funds for your organisation.

Because Neck Coolers and Cool Hats are a great gift idea, non fattening, practical, inexpensive, unisex, re-useable and lightweight, people are happy to purchase this Australian owned product.

Stay cool, SPF 50+ protected and shaded in your Cool Hat, Neck Tie Cooler or Neck Tie Cooler this summer.

Absolute best way to fundraise!

Student Representatives on Council Fund Raising DayWe used the fantastic neck tie coolers for our Student Representatives Council Fund Raising Day and it was a great success! Not only did we raise one of the highest amounts we’ve ever raised at Deepdene Primary School, but we all kept cool in summer as well!
All proceeds went towards SchoolAid’s appeal to help Haiti. We were one of the top donators for this cause !
Thanks so much for making our event so special and memorable.
Great opportunities to fundraise also exist within the Scouting movement…Prep/SRC Teacher, Deepdene Primary School, Victoria
Wendy – 17/04/2010

Great opportunities to fundraise also exist within the Scouting movement…

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