Exotherm Technology® proven scientific technology maintains cooling temperatures over longer periods without over-cooling.

Exotherm Technology® Products offers cutting edge technology and design resulting in versatile, easy to use personal cooling products that are steeped in scientific research.

Exotherm Technology® products are specifically designed to utilize the principles of heat storage and transfer to compensate for hot environments, leaving more of the body's internal resources available for maximum physical output, rapid decision making and mental focus.

Thermal regulation is the process of maintaining a consistent core body temperature against prevailing environmental conditions. The body reacts quickly to any imbalance in this equilibrium, because it must operate within a very narrow temperature range to maintain proper cellular function.

When the body seeks to rid itself of excess heat, the hypothalamus triggers a heart rate increase and vasodilation (expansion of blood vessels) occurs to increase blood flow in the outer layers of the skin, transferring heat much like the coolant flowing through a radiator. In contrast, when the body detects a drop in blood temperature it reduces blood flow in the outer layers of skin to trap heat within the body, and can even trigger unintended muscle movement - shivering as a way to generate metabolic heat.

In either case metabolic fuel, electrolytes and fluids - the same resources needed for peak physical performance - are redirected from the task at hand to maintaining a stable body temperature.

Exotherm Technology® products work on an extremely simple principle - they absorb heat from the body to maintain an optimal body temperature. By reducing the body's burden of heat management, people using these products benefit from increased stamina in warm environments.

Exotherm Technology® has ample scientific evidence

Exotherm® has ample scientific evidenceOriginally, specifically, designed to meet the requirements of military, law enforcement and government HAZMAT/WMD responders, Exotherm Technology® was to provide a simple, passive method of maintaining thermal regulation for personnel with high activity or wearing body armour and other protective apparel in hot climates, including hot-dry and hot-humid conditions. It also needed to be simple and effective in cooling the body.

Exotherm Technology® is the "original Exotherm-type phase-change" technology developed for personal body cooling in the early '90s and today, remains the only technology that has successfully undergone rigorous field and instrumented testing by both military test & evaluation agencies and users.

In every instance Exotherm Technology® has proved its capability, superior benefits and value!

Independent testing by the US Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center and Alamo Labs has shown Exotherm Technology® cooling vests extend a person’s viable working time in a hot environment by as much as 22 percent.

Copies of these extensive test results may be obtained by contacting Personal Cooling Products.


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