How Do Cool Hats Work?

Cool Hats Work To Cool You In Several Ways:

  • Cool Hats keep your head coolThe way your body cools itself is by perspiration. Cool Hats have a padded terry towelling sweatband that absorbs your perspiration, thereby alerting your body to further cool itself by perspiring more.
  • Cool Hats are made from a brilliant breathable micromesh. This means that the whole circumference between the brim and the crown is totally breathable.
  • If you hold it up to the light, it appears to be quite see-through. This allows all the hot air to escape around the entire circumference of your head. Yet that single layer of material has been tested by Arpansa and is a full 50+ protection.
  • This magic Cool Pad fits inside the double crown of the Cool Hat and is included with every Cool Hat. It is filled with non-toxic crystals that swell when placed in water. It is best to scrunch the Cool Pad under water to inflate it as. Once it starts to inflate, it will inflate quite fast. It is best to be inflated like a Jatz cracker, not a doughnut ! Be careful not to over inflate it. This will make it heavy in the Cool Hat.
  • It may even burst open as the crystals keep expanding. Should this occur, leave the Cool Pad in the sun to deflate. If it has split, simply stitch it at that point and start over. It will take several days to deflate.
  • The Cool Pad works to cool you from the crown. To really feel this working, place the Cool Pad in the fridge and then place it in the crown and feel how cool it is. Many people, especially outside workers, will have 2 or 3 Cool Pads in the fridge or esky so they can swap them over and keep really cool.
  • But your Cool Pad does not need to stay freezing cold to work. On a hot day when you jump into a pool it feels cold, until your body acclimatizes. Same with the Cool Pad. It is working to cool you by the process of evaporative cooling even though you do not feel it cold.


Think of your Cool Hat as being like a Coolgardie Safe on the outside of your car.