Neck Tie Coolers, the best personal body coolers,
help beat the summer heat...

Neck Tie Coolers can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere doing anything to keep cool.

Cool Snakes
Kidz Koolers
Super Cooler
Cool n Safe

Neck Tie Coolers are water activated personal evaporative body cooling systems great for anyone working or exercising outside! They can cool you down after a hot workout, bike ride, or mowing the lawn. Tie our body coolers around your forehead, neck, ankles or wrist and feel cool.

Neck Tie Coolers are eco green...

This very simple personal body cooling system is eco green, harmless to the environment, doesn't need any electricity and is carbon free. In fact you can save thousands on your electricity bill by choosing to cool off with our personal cooling products.

Many people are choosing to turn off their air conditioner, as it is so expensive to run. Because they need their fridge to keep their food safe, they are then choosing to place in the fridge a supply of personal body coolers for the whole family. When they want to cool down, they grab one and tie it on.

Neck Tie Coolers will last for many years and will therefore, save you thousands of dollars; as well as being great for the environment.

Neck Tie Coolers are Australian Owned and Australian Made...

You are supporting an Aussie small business when you purchase from us because Neck Tie Coolers are Australian owned and Australian made. These cooling scarves beat the summer heat by using the principal of evaporation. Contained within the neck cooling wraps are super absorbent cooling crystals which hydrate when soaked to form a cooling gel that assists the body's natural cooling system to cool down.

There are four distinct styles of Neck Tie Cooler available: the Cool Snake, the KidzKooler, the Super Cooler and the Cool N Safe neck tie cooler.

Check out our great range of fashionable fabrics available including our Limited Edition 'AUSTRALIANA' Neck Tie Coolers.

We can now supply promotional Neck Tie Coolers, printed with your logo (minimum of 100). Personal body coolers are a memorable promotional item that will not be thrown into a drawer and never used. Your brand will be talked about as people ask the recipients of your personal body cooler wrap what is that ? Contact us today for more information.

Neck Tie Coolers Are Simple To Use...

Take your hand and spread the hydro crystals out evenly throughout the neck cooler pocket and place in cool water for 10 minutes. Wear this body cooling scarf around your neck, wrist or forehead.

To reactivate dehydrated crystals, soak again. To maximise coolness, store extra personal body coolers in the fridge.

Neck Tie Coolers Can Be Used By Everyone...

Neck Tie Coolers are a multipurpose, unisex, useful, long lasting, affordable gift. They require no dusting, are non-fattening, last longer than flowers, are lightweight to post and can be used by all the family. Men are often difficult to buy for, but many people simply tie a cooler around a bottle of wine and the men have a gift they can use gardening, playing golf or having a beer.

It is often a problem what to buy for the elderly. Portable body cooling is the answer. They are safe for children, adults and even pets.

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