Cooling Cloths

Beat the Heat with Our Cooling Cloths

The scorching heat of the Australian summers can be uncomfortable to live with, especially if you have an outdoor hobby such as gardening or running or adventure sports. Our eco-friendly cooling cloths will make it a bit more bearable for you to be outside as it has capillary networks of fibres that keep the moisture in, so it can cool you off during your activity.


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How Best to Wear Our Cooling Cloths in Australia

One size doesn't always fit all, especially if you sweat more on some parts of your body and need more cooling there. We provide this woven fibre cloth in many different forms so you can wear it where you need it most without it falling off or slipping down.

  • Versatile. The cooling cloth is a rectangular shaped cloth of 90x25cm. Where a regular scarf or a towel over your shoulder could be heavy, our woven fibre captures the water, sealing it in. This means there is no dripping or marks on your clothes, just a lasting cooling effect with no hassle.
  • Snake ties. We have the snake tie option if you want a more stylish option or don't like a big cloth around your neck. You can tie this thin fabric around your neck or your wrist to stay cool and look stylish at the same time. Only you will know about the cool towel for your neck and its magical powers to keep cool.
  • Hat flaps. You may feel protected in the sun when you wear your hat and longer-sleeve top. However, the part that always burns to a crisp is your neck. Except for sunburn, your carotid artery runs from your brain down the back of your neck, and the cooling cloth at the back will refresh your whole body.

How Does the Cooling Rag Remain Cool for So Long?

Why can't you just use your trusty rag or neck towel to keep cool? Is it really worth having wet patches on your clothes and a heavy, often weighty, smelly towel on your shoulders? Although standard towels are made from fabric that’s supposed to absorb water and heat from your body – they only have a short-term cooling effect? Here’s how our woven fibres do their work:

  • The wave. We put a lot of emphasis on this as it is the magic power behind our cooling cloth for the neck. Once wet, you need to wave the fabric around so the air can circulate through the pockets of water to cool them down and activate the lasting effect.
  • The crystals. The crystals keep the water drops in place for as long as possible and prevent water evaporation. Retaining the moisture also means absorbing your sweat, turning it into more cooling crystals to keep the effect going.
  • The fabric. The material we use lets air through to cool off the water and thus your body constantly. It is, however, waterproof, and it has UPF 50+ protection as a bonus.

Cooling Made Simple

We use simple science and moisture retention technology that’s 16 degrees lower than your body temperature to cool you down and reduce heat stress. Simply wet it, wring it, wave it, and wear it. It’s that simple. You will feel when it’s time to soak your neck towel to keep cool, but it’s sure to last for hours before needing a refill.

Contact us if you want to stay cool while enjoying the Aussie climate.