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Keep Cool With Our Sun Protection Hats in Australia

Finding the perfect headwear to keep you cool and shield your face from harmful UV rays is effortless with our range of sun protection hats in Australia. Our selection of hat styles come with cooling pads, adjustable fit, and other beneficial features. They are ideal for everyday wear whether you’re at work, outside in the garden, or having lunch with friends. With our range of quality headwear, you can look stylish and enjoy protecting yourself from UV by selecting a hat to suit your colour and size requirements.


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Features to Look for in the Perfect Sun Protection Hats

To get the most UV protection from a hat, ensure your headwear includes these features.

  • A wide brim: Our everyday and adventurers cooling hat features a wide brim to give you optimal protection from the sun. The hat can shade your face, scalp, back of the neck, and ears giving you more coverage than you would get from wearing a cap.
  • High SPF rating: Hats with an SPF rating indicate how much UV can penetrate the fabric. Our hats are made with SPF 50+ fabric for maximum protection. The hats also feature breathable and lightweight fabric at the crown for airflow to help keep you cool.
  • Light colour: While you may think the colour of your hat doesn’t matter, there are benefits to wearing a beige or natural shade. Light colours can reflect the sun away from your face or eyes, while darker shades absorb the heat. The ideal hat design features a white or light colour top with a dark hue under the brim, as seen in our everyday and great outdoor styles.

Our hats can keep you cooler outside and help to prevent heat stress.

Sun Protection Headwear We Provide

We provide a selection of headwear, including hats with neck protection, so you can find the ideal coverage to suit your requirements.

  • The ultimate outdoor worker’s hat: This unisex and versatile hat is a uniquely Australian design. It is perfect for workers who wear earmuff protection while outside, such as traffic controllers, landscapers, and farmers. The lightweight ultimate outdoor worker’s hat sits comfortably on your head while your earmuffs fit into the slots underneath the brim. You can also cover the earmuff slots with the attached flap and turn this hat into a regular wide-brimmed design. The outdoor workers’ hat also comes with a flap at the back to aid in airflow and give your neck more protection from the sun. You can also discreetly roll and tuck the flap away.
  • The Adventurers’ hat with flap: Whether you’re enjoying various water activities such as fishing, canoeing, kayaking or adventuring on land, the outdoor adventurer’s hat with flap is sure to keep you cool. The flap at the back features tubes filled with crystals that can help to cool your neck and the carotid artery that runs up to your brain. By keeping this area cool, the rest of your body can feel cool too. You can readily activate the cool tubes by immersing the flap in water. The wide brim also protects your face from the sunlight without hindering your vision. You can adjust the hat to fit with the cord and chinstrap, which also prevents your headwear from getting blown off in the wind.
  • Ladies hat: This fashionable hat is a perfect option for women who want something a bit more stylish than our standard wide brim design. You still get the benefits of a wide-brimmed hat, yet you can adjust the hat to various styles. The unique kettle-style ladies’ hat offers a slanted brim that you can turn up for a different look, and the stretch in the crown means you can easily wear the headwear with your hair tied up or over a clip.

Our quality hats with a brim hold their shape even after you fold them down to store in a bag, and they come with a free cool pad that sits in the crown of the headwear. After your adventures, you can easily clean your hat as they are machine washable.

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Our hats are ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities, including work, sports, travel, and adventure. The unique cooling system in our headwear ensures that you reduce the chance of heat stress and protect your face, neck, and ears from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Contact us with any questions or shop our range online for delivery in Australia.