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Cooling Tie – KidzKoolers Neck Tie Coolers (Aus Made)

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Tie these fun patterns around the neck or head for immediate cooling.

Available Patterns

Neck coolers work best when they fully encircle the neck. The KidzKoolers are 4cm wide with a cooling section measuring 33cm, and a 20cm tie. KidzKoolers are designed for children 3 years and older who will understand not to suck their KidzKooler, as they may bite it and put a hole in it causing the crystals to escape.

Kool for Kids
Neck Tie Coolers Save money… Personal Cooling Products understands the importance of keeping the young ones cool and comfortable on hot days. Children, especially, will run about and exhaust themselves easily and get over-heated and irritable.

Our range of KidzKoolers are designed for children 3 -7 years approximately. The important thing about the recommended age is that the children need to be old enough to understand that they must not bite the cooler and put a hole in it that will make the crystals spill out.

These cool tubes for children are the optimum length to totally encircle their necks, thereby providing more effective cooling to children. The cooling section measures 33cm, with 20cm ties to secure it. This length of tie means that there are not long ties dangling down annoying the children.

Fun for kids
KidzKoolers come in a variety of patterns especially selected for children. They are fun and frivolous !

No biting
We strongly recommend that children are instructed not to suck their KidzKooler, as they may bite it and put a hole in it causing the crystals to escape. These crystals are non-toxic, but they are not to be ingested. Should this ever happen accidentally, please seek medical help and inform the doctor they have swallowed crystals that will keep expanding in liquid.

For babies
For babies, Personal Cooling Products recommends using the Baby Koolie.

Can be used everywhere
Use the coolers at Little Athletics, basketball, cricket, pre-school, cycling, when the children cannot get to sleep because they are too hot, for temperatures… for whatever they are doing that is heating them up. Many parents are saving massive amounts of money on their electricity bills by getting the children to wear their KidzKoolers instead of turning on the air-conditioner

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