Sun Protection Sleeves



Sun Protection Sleeves – Chill Sleeves

Perfect way to protect your arm from the harmful UV lights and keep you cooling at the same time.

Available Colours:

Cools and acts as arm protection sleeves while you work, play or relax because they are made from a proprietary performance fabric that’s designed to create a cooling effect that instantly cools, refreshes and comforts skin — all without the use of chemicals! Because it works without chemicals, it will never wear out, and it won’t irritate sensitive skin. Wet the Chill Sleeves so that the moisture spreads evenly throughout the fabric. Then, the product’s unique weave, coupled with “pinging” the sleeves to activate them, circulates airflow to cool the fabric. The weave also regulates evaporation, which keeps the sleeves cool for hours.

Arm protection sleeves are worn by athletes around the world… now it is your turn… but with added cool !

Wearing Chill Sleeves feels like having an air conditioning system wrapped around your arms. Douse the cooling sleeves with cold water, then snap them, and they chill right down as a result of the fabric technology that they are constructed from. This performance fabric absorbs and retains sweat and water, then circulates the water molecules, while regulating the rate of evaporation. This delivers an instant cooling effect on the skin.

When the arm protection sleeves dry out, squirt some more water on them. It is that simple and super-refreshing. If you are working out hard, the Chill Sleeve quickly becomes soaked with sweat, and starts working.

The Chill Sleeve is vented to maximise breathability. Wear the vented section under your arm.

Wearing Chill Sleeves feels like not wearing anything at all… except your arms will feel cooler and protected…
Often worn with short sleeve shirts, Chill Sleeve arm coolers are lightweight arm cooling sleeves designed to protect from heat and sun while you engage in outdoor activities like building, basketball, netball, tennis, mowing, cycling, fishing, triathlon training, softball, baseball, jogging, golfing, driving the car, bowling, kayaking and more. You can also use the Chill Sleeves indoors: at the gym, doing the housework, cooking, cleaning, Pilates, yoga, working at the computer.

Crumpled-up, the Chill Sleeves will easily and conveniently fit into the smallest of pockets.

Chill Sleeves stay up with the gentle hold of elasticised bands.

Our cooling arm sleeves offer SPF 50 protection.


  • SPF 50+ protects your arms from aging and sun.
  • Instant cooling effect when wet.
  • Lightweight and chemical free.
  • Requires no refrigeration.
  • Reusable.
  • Can be machine washed with detergent.
  • But do not use fabric softener.
  • Unisex.

Chill Sleeves, cooling arm protection sleeves, come in a pair.

  • S (41.5cm long with 26cm arm opening at top)
  • M (43.3cm long with 28cm arm opening at top)
  • L (46.5cm long with 33.5cm arm opening at top)


  • Machine wash cold with like colours.
  • Do not iron. Do not bleach. No fabric softeners.
  • Tumble dry on low. Line or airdry after each use.

Black / Royal Blue / Nude / White

Stay Cool and Active With Our Sun Protection Sleeves

We want to make living in the summer sun as stylish, convenient and cool as possible so you can go about your daily life while harnessing the power of our unique fabric crystals to keep you fresh. Our sun protection sleeves will protect your skin from the harsh Australian sun while you go hiking, cycling, canoeing, or watching a rugby match in the stands.

This product is one of its kind in Australia, and we are proud to be the only stockists of this fantastic woven fabric that uses natural fibre technology to keep you cool, no chemicals, just natural crystals that harness the power of water to cool you down.

How to Find the Best Cool Arm Sleeves Fit

Your neck and arms are the most exposed parts that can sustain sun damage, dry out your skin, and speed up the ageing process. Protect your arms from the sun and cool them down while working, exercising, or playing. You can wear them for extended periods and just give them a squirt of water once they feel too dry to the touch.

  • Elastics holds up our sun sleeves, but they are comfortable on your arms and not too tight. We do have small to extra-large sizes available, and it’s best to measure your arm to be sure which one will fit over your arm most comfortably.
  • You can share our sleeves as they are unisex, but you might love them so much that you want to hide them from your partner, or you’ll want a pair in every colour.
  • The crystals and fabric are where the magic happens, so to ensure your fit and effectiveness remain the same, do not iron the sleeves but let them air dry. The crystals will last up to six years if you take good care of your UV arm sleeves.

How Best to Look After Your UV Protection Arm Sleeves

Taking care of the cooling tubes in our patented woven fabric takes a bit more thought than simply throwing a towel or a rag in the washing machine. Here are a few tips to make your cooling products last longer:

  • No fabric softener. You want to keep the pores of the fabric open, so the airflow is consistent with cooling off the water molecules captured in them. It is best to gently handwash our products and squeeze them to dry. Let them dry naturally and avoid machine washing or ironing. You can wash some products, such as the UV protection sleeves in the machine, though.

Why Our Goods Are the Real Thing

We use a patented weaving technique that optimises the effects of the cooling crystals to bring you relief from heat stress. From our cloths to our neckties, arm sleeves for sun protection, hats and pashmina cloths, you will be cool from head to toe, in style, and comfortable. Our products are perfect for sports where your skin is exposed to the sun for long periods, making our gloves, sleeves and headband the ideal additions to your sports kit. Simply wet it, wring it, wave it, and wear it. The cooling effect is sure to last a good few hours before you need to wring and wave it again before you set off. Contact us if you want to stay cool while enjoying the Aussie climate.

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Pair XL – Hi Viz Yellow, Pair XL – Hi Viz Orange, Pair S – Black, Pair M – Black, Pair L – Black, Pair S- Royal Blue, Pair M- Royal Blue, Pair L- Royal Blue, Pair S – White, Pair M – White, Pair L- White, Pair S – Nude, Pair M – Nude, Pair L- Nude