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Cool Cloth is a form of Cooling Towel which provide instant cooling refreshment during any strenuous activity, sport, work or play. The more strenuous and the more you sweat, the better it works.

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Cooling Cloths – Cool Cloths

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Cool Cloths offer a revolutionary new cooling technology which is enviromentally friendly.

This amazing fabric is engineered with hollow core yarns knitted in such a way that, when saturated and then waved. The fabric temperature is lowered by simply wetting it, wring out, wave and then wear.

Personal Cooling Products are proudly the only stockist in Australia able to provide this exciting new way of cooling to their clients. It is part of our policy to always provide you with the very latest and the very best in personal cooling.

Feel refreshed, revived and relaxed fast with this amazing new personal cooling technology

Effective, economic, environmentally friendly, simple personal cooling is what everyone is looking for. The answer is now here…

It is made from an eco-friendly fabric engineered with a unique variety of fibres that, when structured in a proprietary designed way, creates a series of high-density capillary networks where the water molecules are absorbed deep into the fabric’s core and hydraulically compressed into the voids within the fabric. This woven fabric is brushed to give it a plush feel that’s soft enough to use on your eyewear, yet strong enough to withstand years of repeated use. It is designed to work without chemicals or crystals.

Wrap it around your head like a doo-rag, drape it around your neck or wrap around your wrists to experience instant cooling relief.

This highly technical, light weight, high absorbing/ wicking, comfortable, consumer friendly cooling fabric delivers a wonderful prolonged, superior cooling benefit. The fabric effectively captures moisture, cools it and slowly dissipates it to reduce the body’s core temperature.


  • Cool Cloths feels cool but not wet
  • Cool Cloths do not drip
  • Cool Cloths cool down fast
  • Cool Cloths stay cool as long as there is moisture in the fabric
  • Cool Cloths provide cooling performance without weight.
  • Cool Cloths are comfortable against the skin.
  • Cool Cloths can be worn on any part of your body where you are feeling the heat.
  • Cool Cloths can be worn against the skin for prolonged periods of time.
  • Cool Cloths are reusable and can be reactivated, time and time again.
  • Only water is needed to activate the Cool Cloth.
  • Faster cooling can be achieved by placing an activated Cool Cloth in the freezer for a short period of time.

Excellent for hot flushes, long hot days at work, playing sport, watching the tennis or cricket, keeping your cool studying, standing about fishing, jogging, at the gym, camping… in fact, anywhere to beat the heat and cool down fast !
Cool Cloth is a form of Cooling Towel which provide instant cooling refreshment during any strenuous activity, sport, work or play. The more strenuous and the more you sweat, the better it works.

The waving is vital! This airflow assists the evaporative function, resulting in much cooler fabric temperatures. This is much cooler than a simple cool tea-towel or handkerchief.

The waving motion mimics airflow by revitalizing the trapped water molecules, and sending them into cooling motion. Cool Cloth fabric begins to cool as soon as moisture is present, and will continue as long as there is moisture in the fabric.

Cool Cloths are excellent for increasing productivity and comfort for people working in hot conditions such as chefs, landscapers, traffic management crews, school crossing lollipop ladies. When out bushwalking, drop it in the creek and continue on refreshed. Half way around the golf course, run your cool towel under the tap, wave it and relish the next 9 holes no matter how hot it is. It does not matter if you run your cooling towel under hot or cold water, it still goes cold. Bowlers, cricketers, umpires, tennis players, equestrians all experience relief from the heat of summer with this latest cooling technology which has no limit to how many times it can be used to cool the body.

Cool Cloths are an affordable way to get relief from the heat –related symptoms of hot flushes and night sweats due to menopause or Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Cool Cloths are an inexpensive way to make motorcycling safer, since the rider is not overheated, and able to concentrate better. Cool Cloths have been recommended by patients who have had a tracheotomy operation to assist with their confidence, well-being and ability to live life normally.


The Cool Cloth Scarf is rectangular and measures 90 x 25cm.

Machine or hand wash with mild detergent and hang out or tumble dry. Do not use fabric softeners as that will gradually clog the pores of your Cool Cloth and reduce its cooling ability.

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