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Change your life. Order lightweight, soft, breathable, and comfortable Chilly Pashmina cooling towels, other cooling wearables and sun-smart products from our Australian-owned business. Our wearable pashminas are free of chemicals, reusable and machine-washable, offer SPF 50+ protection, do not require refrigeration, and are extra-large – 75 by 150 centimetres – providing a long-lasting cooling effect.


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How Can Our Cool Down Towel Transform Your Days?

It is all in the fabric. Wet the pashmina, wring and then snap it in the air to activate the effect. The moisture spreads through the material evenly, and the distinctive weave distributes airflow to cool the cloth. The fibre regulates evaporation to keep your skin chill for hours. Repeat the process to reactivate when necessary.

  • The fabric construction is responsible for the cooling. No chemicals are involved, and the effect cannot degrade or wash out over time. This patented invention offers three functions that can decrease the surface temperature of the material up to 30 percent lower than that of your skin; regulated evaporation, moisture transportation, and wicking.
  • The Hohenstein Institute for Cooling Power recognised the state-of-the-art fabric with the esteemed ‘innovative technology׳ award. It is the only product in the world to have earned this distinction thus far.
  • Many of us feel the heat more than most. Feeling hot makes coping with the summer climate and menopause problematic and unpleasant. Many women ‘of a certain age' experience hot flashes and night sweats that spread through the entire body, accompanied by profuse perspiration that eventually results in chills.
  • Women may still feel overly hot from time to time as they age, meaning high temperatures may plague them for the rest of their lives. An attractive cold scarf or towel in spring green, true blue, royal purple, sunset orange, ironbark beige, or ebony black from us may be the solution.

Wrap your small pet in our cooling towel for the neck. You and your sizeable dog will love our extra-large Chilly Pashmina that even cools down when you sweat. Merely wring and wave it around to activate its cooling properties.

Invigorate Yourself With Our Cooling Towels in Australia

M Cool Cloth UPF 50+ is up to 16 degrees cooler than your skin temperature when activated. Place it on areas with blood vessels close to the skin, such as your wrist, neck, and head. The natural evaporation process cools the skin and the blood conducted by the vessels, reducing your body’s core temperature to provide much-needed respite.

  • Our supercooling towel and other wearables offer comfort to travellers and people who do activities in the sun without exposing them to chemicals. You will find relief from the heat while fishing, bushwalking, gardening, running a marathon, watching an outdoor tennis match, horse riding, camping, or trying to get to sleep on a hot summer night.
  • Compact enough to carry with you wherever you go, they dry quickly, will not irritate sensitive skin, and do not wear out. Reduce heat stress, comfort your skin, and feel refreshed without your clothes getting wet.
  • We provide cooling hats, ties, hard hats, gloves, vests, and sun protection sleeves. You can use our tubular Multi-chill headwear as a chill towel around the face or a chemo cancer cap. Alternatively, a headband, beanie, neck or head gator when boating, hiking, working outdoors, or playing with your dog in the park is a luxury.

Keep the kids cool, calm, and collected with our KidzKoolers 33-centimetre neck cooling sections with 20-centimetre securing ties for three to seven-year-olds on hot days. You do not want them to become over-heated and irritable while running around. Just be sure to warn them not to put holes into the ties as the crystals will spill out, rendering them useless.

What Else Can Personal Cooling Products Do For You?

Get in touch if you’re a wholesaler who wants to add a valuable range to your product line. We will customise items for your brand and provide your family members with cost-effective, environmentally friendly relief from heat-related disorders. We have been supplying thousands of Australians and people worldwide with our heat sensitivity products since 2001, proving that they hold up and do what our customers expect of them.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to place an order or make an enquiry.