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Cooling Ties – Cool N Safe Neck Tie Cooler (Aus Made) 

Cool N Safe Neck Tie Coolers are designed for those who desire a hardy material, who need to know they can safely remove the tie with one hand, and those who do not want a tie hanging down. They are 5cm wide for extra coolness and have an elongated cooling section. Depending on the size of your head, they can be worn around your forehead. The material used meets the safety standards for electricity workers.

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We keep you Cool N Safe…
Australia’s climate presents a difficult environment in which to assist workers to cool down and get relief from heat stress. A body temperature above 40°C is life-threatening and if it reaches 45°C you are approaching sure death. Don’t let your temperature rise anywhere near those temperatures.

Neck Tie Coolers and Cool Hats are a 100% Australian owned company who specialize in reusable personal body cooling clothing. They have created and market a range of water-activated personal body cooling accessories that can be worn to help control the risks caused by heat stress.

The Cool N Safe Aussie body cooler tie is proudly made in Australia. This superior quality neck cooler is called a Cool N Safe neck cooling wrap because it has a Velcro closure. This allows the wearer to undo the cooling neck wrap safely and easily with one hand in the event of an emergency. Many outside workers who work with machinery find this safety aspect of the Cool N Safe personal cooling product very important. Personal Cooling Products made sure the closure on this body coolerwas not magnetic because we respect that magnets may interfere with the operation of a pacemaker, should you have one.

Getting cooling relief on hot days is easy to do…
Cool N Safe neck coolers are filled with magic non-toxic, high grade polymer water expanding crystals. You simply shake the crystals along the cool tube section and then place the Cool N Safe Neck Wrap in clean water for approximately 10 minutes. This allows the crystals to plump up, absorbing hundreds of times their weight in water.

Once the polymer crystal is hydrated, the fabric surface of the Cool N Safe ice tie draws the moisture from the polymer to the fabric surface, which evaporates, resulting in an effective body cooler. When placed around the neck, the Cool N Safe body cooler lowers body temperature by cooling the carotid arteries in the neck which cools the blood flow to the brain. This blood then goes on to cool the rest of your body.

Your own personal climate control… Getting cooling relief on hot days is easy to do.
The cool tube section has been extended to 55cm length in order to accommodate the encirclement of male necks. Neck cooling wraps work best if they fit snugly around your neck. It is 5cms wide, like the Super Cooler and is sewn with long wearing cotton drill material.

Cool N Safe personal body coolers can be worn as a headband or neckband. Rotate the outside edge towards the neck to maximize evaporative cooling.Your own personal climate control

Do not store your Cool N Safe cool wrap in a closed container while damp as this can cause mildew.

Hand wash under the kitchen sink with some dishwashing liquid. Use a toothbrush to scrub any soiled spots. Rinse well. Never wash your Cool N Safe ice tie in the washing machine. The more water the Cool N Safe cooling neck wrap absorbs the larger the crystals inside will get and they could burst through the fabric.

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