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Cooling Pad

The cool pad with 4 layered patent pending cooling fabrics.

It is fast and easy to secure into the Hat and is Cool, Soft, Lightweight and compact.

It only takes less than 10 seconds to activate and keeps cool longer. It is quick drying & chemical free.

How do you Use it?

Wet the Pad under Cold Water, this should take 10 seconds. Flick away access water from Pad.

Place the Pad with Velcro strap side towards the top of the Hard Hat. Attach the Velcro Strap under the Plastic Holder of the Hard Hat to secure.

To re cool just remove the pad and repeat the cooling process.


  • Hand wash with cold.
  • Do not iron. Do not bleach. No fabric softeners.
  • Line or airdry after each use.